Hi it's Karen here.....

I'm looking for motivated clients  – and I figure the best place to start looking is in my circle of influence.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from my services?

Maybe a friend who has mentioned that they are interested in improving their health and fitness level? Or a coworker who has commented about wanting to lose weight? Or even a family member who needs that extra push to get started?

Here's your chance to help your friends achieve their health, fitness, and weight loss goals and to help me grow my business.

Here's How You Can Help

Simply fill out the referral form below and I'll forward your friend a copy of my health and fitness newsletter and offer them the opportunity to become a valued client.

My membership program has a try before you buy feature, the 10 day challenge. This gives them a chance to experience the program for themselves and see the value that I give.

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If you were interested in the membership for yourself, my referral program offers free membership AND free products with just two referrals.

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